Collisheen Wedding : Kuveshan & Vishakti

It was probably one of the windiest days that I have ever experienced in all my time in KZN, particularly within the usually comfy climes of the North Coast. It was blowing a serious gale, and we found it really difficult to hold onto gear, never-mind keeping the intricate Hindi bridal apparel together! Nevertheless, Kuveshan and Vishakti hosted a wonderfully colourful and vibrant wedding that was full of emotion and laughter. It was held at the well appointed Collisheen estate just outside Ballito. I loved the incredible smells of Indian cooking that literally presided over everything on the wedding day. Especially when you know that youre going to be sampling the good stuff later on! Aside from the wind, the light remained beautiful, and we managed to squeeze off a few magical shots before dinner. Happy times!