Durban Wedding: Dee & Malini - Part 1

When I first got the call from Dee & Malini, I was pretty sure that they would NOT book me. Why you ask? Well, I had never shot a traditional Indian wedding before. I had heard that they were insanely colourful & extremely busy (which I can handle), but in my mind it was reserved for the traditional wedding specialists. In saying that, I was totally blown away after our meeting. Both Dee & Malini loved my work, & were specifically looking at adding a different dimension to their Durban wedding - which they felt I could bring to the table. Of course, I was immediately up for it, & so we began planning their couple session & the trip to Durban for their traditional ceremony. Even though it was long day of shooting between their respective homes & the community hall, we were treated like family. And what I discovered is that family are served amazing food & beverages all day & all night! When we finally said our goodbyes at 01h30, which is seriously late for any wedding I've ever done, I felt just great. I would do it all over again. Hopefully the results speak for themselves.

You can check out their engagement session here.