Rowena & Miguel contacted me a few months back, with a happy determination to hold their wedding in Johannesburg city. There are a few really cool spots in the city that have been revamped, or restored, and can actually host a serious party. Initially we were looking at a city vibe couple session, but since it's where their wedding would be, they opted for something a little different. Miguel buddy is a pilot, so he organised a few gratis passes to the SAA museum at the Rand Airport. The two classic Boeing 747 SP 's are permanently parked their since their retirement, but are still incredibly impressive.

It was quite comical, with me trying to shoot a romantic engagement session, whilst desperately avoiding gazing (slack-jawed) at my absolute favourite airliners. The aircraft were immense, but in saying that, so was the fun we had doing this shoot. Miguel & Rowena are a genuinely nice & salt-of-the-earth couple, and I am looking forward to their wedding with anticipation. Enjoy!