Karoo Rendezvous

If you have spent any meaningful time in the vast Karoo region, you will know precisely what I am talking about. A few days in the seemingly desolate Karoo region of the Western and Northern Cape, and you're hooked for life. A part of you will yearn to return - especially when life starts getting the better of you. Perhaps it's the blaring silence of the endless horizons, or the melodic, rusty rotations of the lonely, yet ever faithful windmill. It could even be the pastel hues and unearthly splendour of the twilight sky contrasted against the stark harshness of the semi-desert scrubland. There are a thousand reasons to fall in love with the Karoo. Even though you'll experience all of them, all you need is one of them to ensnare your heart forever.

When we were invited to meet the balance of the family at the exquisitely located Bloemhof farm in the Great Karoo, we knew it was going to be at the very least an epic road trip. By the time we arrived back at our home 6 days later, our hearts were heavy with a longing to return. It was so much more than a drive - it was an experience of a lifetime.