Matt + Sarah : Pat Busch Mountain Reserve - Robertson

Matt & Sarah are both from ZImbabwe, then educated in South Africa, and now residing in the UK. Since our initial Skype meeting, I immediately identified with them as I had also been resident in the UK for many years until the pull of "home" became too much and we returned. I understand the travails of arranging a wedding from abroad, but also the delights of applying a powerful foreign currency to a local expense. As Matt stated in his reception speech, most folks weddings rocket way over budget as the date draws closer, but he became increasing excited as he watched their wedding getter cheaper and cheaper! 

Their chosen setting in heart of the Pat Busch Mountain Reserve near Robertson was unique in every sense. It was the windiest weekend of the year, with incredible gusts threatening to blow the entire occasion into the valley, stock tent and all,  and then if the wind was not enough, the torrential rain followed. Yet, in between the weather drama, they managed to host a marvelously authentic and heartfelt wedding in the most beautiful part of the Robertson Wine Route.