It seems like only a few months ago that we were having a blast shooting Gabi & Robby's "nautical" engagement session near Pretoria. Suddenly I found myself at their wedding - and it was awesome. To say that it was one of the most intensely fun gatherings that I had been to would be an understatement. They entire theme was slightly hipster, with hay-bale seats, farm-style games, off-the-wall "gaucho" musicians, and a healthy dose of manicured facial hair. The ceremony was held outdoors at the beautiful Stone Cellar near Heidelberg in Gauteng. After 3 weeks of solid rain in the area, it was a total relief when their wedding day turned out to be absolutely perfect. 

Our couple photo session was interesting, with us having to drive through 3 feet of solid mud to get to our location. I made it ok... in my trusty beast, but the pick-up behind me got properly stuck. It also happened to contain Robby & Gabi... and the sun was dipping rapidly. Luckily, the venue owners have a trusty tractor at hand, so it was sorted in 20 minutes & we hit our straps just in time. It was a truly memorable wedding!